Z  O  R  A  N     L  U  K  A

“…My approach to art is an ongoing process 

to learn from nature by adding, 

subtracting or changing of what already exists.”

Distinctive bronze figures by Zoran Luka are inspired by human figure and its potential mobility. Their disproportionately long extremities and contracted torsos provide dynamic motion and new perspective. The idea is to capture the movement rather than the anatomy of a real body. Willow lines and abstract gestures give the bronze figures their light expression. Not the figure but the movement is sculptured.

Most of the titles of the artist's “dancer series” are terms used in classical ballet. This is another strong source of Luka’s inspiration. Unique about Luka´s approach to sculpture is his devotion to craftsmanship. The whole process starting from sculpturing, molding and casting in bronze until the last steps of patinating the soon finished sculpture is performed by the artist himself.

Zoran Luka has learned and explored the craft of bronze casting with sculptor Pal Lakatos in Hungary 1999-2001. In 2000 Luka established the foundry and artistic workshop at Kirsten Kjærs Museum in Denmark. This is the place where he works on his sculptures. Accompanying his art Luka regulary hosts bronze casting courses at his danish workshop, as well as annually bronze casting master-classes in Orient, Long Island, USA.

My currently available works can be seen at the Kirsten Kjærs Museum in Denmark or at my private address in Helsingborg-Sweden, by appointment via email: zoranlukafred@gmail.com


"Pas de deux"