Zoran Luka Fred was born in 1968, on Balkan. He has lived now  in Scandinavia since 1992, and does reside in Helsingborg, since 2013. He has lived and studied in Belgrade. In his early childhood, he used to spend entire summer holidays in the mountain,Durmitor where he used to help his uncle, who was a folkloristic wood artist. Through whom, Zoran was given his first interest and knowledge in shapes, forms and use of tools. During his youth, he attended different art schools and courses in the homeland and Europe.

After moving  to Jutland  in 1992, while studying at Ranum Art School from 1994-96, his wild temperament, a mind full of ideas, craving for nature, made him decide to move far away into the countryside of Northwestern Jutland, between the Limfjord and the North Sea, to a place called Kirsten Kjærs Museum: here he found nature as the missing element in his artistic development. Here he discovered the core of his own expression (creation): to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live, to be a human person before being an artist - all this became possible in the environment of Kirsten Kjærs Museum.

Zoran Luka's main artistic field is sculpture. Materials comprise bronze and aluminum as well as wood, stone, polyester. Zoran also works with other media such as, photography, video and 3D print, eniviromental & land-art

Zoran has explored the craft of bronze casting sculptures with  sculptor Pál Lakatos in Kachkamet 1998-1999. Later he established foundry art workshops at Kirsten Kjærs Museum, where he holds bronze casting sculptures courses.

In the beautiful landscape around Kirsten Kjærs Museum's properties he has been involved in arranging distinct land-art projects. From 2012 Zoran has been part of the administrative leadership of Kirsten Kjærs Museum.Achieving to combine real rustic with life as a highly active artist

Exhibitions from 2018-1992

Kunstrundan Nordvastra Skåne

Juried Sculpture Garden,Peconic Landing,USA

Land shape festival, Hanstholm.Dk

Gallery Hella Maria Höfer, Puerto Banüs, Spain

Gallery Sollong, Ängelholm,Sweden

Commission from Thisted commune,cultural price,DK

Art Sites Gallery, Riverhead, NY, USA

Broomhill Sculptures Garden, England

Vitskøl kloster,Ranum.Dk

Gallery Marissa Portuges, Madrid

Frederikshavn kunstmuseum, Denmark

Cill Rialaig Art Centre,Kerry ,Ireland

Gallery S.Y.L.A, Copenhagen

Gallery Modus, Place de Voges, Paris

Gallery Rive Guash, Namur, Belgium

Det ny Kastet,Thisted,Dk

Rainbow Art Studio Sitges, Barcelona

Feria del arte Madrid

Gallery Humlemagasinet, Odense, Denmark

Gallery Christensen, Copenhagen

Gallery Rauland, Norway

Sculpture project "Spor af Fortiden", Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Denmark

Gimsinghoved, Struer, Denmark

Gallery Inuit, Aalborg, Denmark

Art colonies in Yugoslavia and Denmark

Limfjords art Association, Denmark

Gallery Riskov, århus, Denmark

Ranum art school

International art project at Plantage huset, Thisted, Denmark



Zoran Luka

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